Switching gas providers – it’s that easy

Switching gas providers - it's that easy

There are many reasons for switching gas suppliers: Switching to green gas often saves money. It can also be an important ecological contribution that everyone can make. We show how easy it is to change gas providers.

In the household alone, around 70 percent of energy consumption is used for heating. If you heat properly, you can significantly reduce your costs and CO2 emissions. But be careful: Not all biogas providers really produce ecologically. Read more about recommended biogas providers here.

Overview of gas providers:

Biogas can be an environmentally friendly alternative to natural gas. Unfortunately, some suppliers don’t really produce ecologically. Utopia provides three recommended providers …

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Change gas provider

If you have chosen an eco gas provider such as Greenpeace Energy, Naturstrom or Polarstern and / or a provider with the Green Gas seal, the change is child’s play: You fill out the appropriate exchange form – that’s almost it.

There will be no delivery problems as you are still connected to the public gas network. If something should go wrong when changing, the basic supplier will automatically step in in an emergency. In contrast to telephones and DSL, gas and electricity ensure secure changes.

Switching gas providers is very easy and can be financially worthwhile (Photo: CC0 PD / Pixabay stevepb)

By the way: The composition of the gas supplied will hardly change if you switch, despite "biogas". The contract only states that the new gas provider is committed to feeding the amount of gas you consume – here biogas.

So hardly anything changes. Even the gas meter mostly remains the same. Accordingly, changing the gas provider is almost always free of charge.

What to consider when switching to biogas

In order to be able to change the gas provider, the old supply contract must first be terminated. This is usually done for you by the application from the new provider. A termination of your own may make sense to speed up the change. The waiting time for the change is always dependent on the respective notice period. However, this is usually to be observed – it is just a contract.

Some contracts can automatically renew significantly if you cancel too late. However, if the old gas provider has announced a price increase for its biogas, the notice period may shorten considerably.

Tip: You could also switch electricity providers or change banks…

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Ecogas is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional natural gas. But be careful: the matter is more complicated than …

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Autumn is a good time to change the gas provider and do something for the environment ….

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The green gas label is a seal of approval for biogas / ecogas, which is obtained from biomass and does not require CO2 certificates. But…

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