Money, happiness and power – why people cannot get enough

Money, happiness and power - why people cannot get enough

The unquenchable desire for more – is greed the engine of our world? A new documentary investigates the psychological phenomenon and shows the dangerous effects of addiction.

"The whole world is a mess! The more you have, the more you want ”- with these haunting words, the 90-minute documentary film“ Greed – A Fatal Desire ”by Jörg Seibold begins. "Why do I care that you have more when I have enough?"

The remarkable co-production by Deutsche Welle (DW) and RBB shows how deeply the hunt for money, happiness and power is anchored in our psyche – and what effects this has on our dealings with ourselves and the environment. DW editor Seibold is looking for explanations for what drives us and tells stories of people who, as perpetrators, victims or ordinary consumers, are part of a creeping change in values.

"Simplicity is the meaning of life"

In the chapters "Fear", "Animal", "Ego", "Lucky Machine", "Money" and "Collapse", the film systematically gets to the bottom of this human desire. From the shaman to the banker, to the philosopher and social psychologist – the film lets interesting protagonists have their say and clarifies whether there is a way out of the vicious cycle of greed. The documentary does not leave an oppressive feeling, but rather gives solutions on the way: “Simplicity. That is the meaning of life. "

The two-part documentary "Greed – a fateful desire" by Jörg Seibold is ongoing 13.12.2016 at 11.15 p.m. in the RBB. You can also access them online.

Utopia was there at the film premiere and says: absolutely worth seeing. Must see and recommend!

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