Maintain, multiply and plant money tree – how it works

Maintain, multiply and plant money tree - how it works

Even if no real banknotes grow on the money tree, it is a very popular houseplant. Here you will learn everything about the correct care of the money tree and how to plant and multiply it.

The money tree originally comes from South Africa and belongs to the thick leaf family. It is also known as the "tree of luck". The Succulent has no high maintenance requirements and is therefore particularly suitable if you have a special one easy-care houseplant looking.

Money tree: So you plant it

The money tree is a very easy to maintain houseplant. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Claire_Giral)

In gardening stores you can find the money tree either as a small plant a few centimeters high or as a full-grown shrub. If you want to watch the thick leaf grow, you should buy one of the small young plants, since older plants no longer increase in height and girth.

  • Plant money tree in the room or in the garden: You can cultivate the money tree both as a houseplant and outdoors. In a sunny place in the garden or on the balcony, he feels very comfortable, especially in summer. If the nights are cooler and wetter, you should bring the succulent plant back inside.
  • The right location: The home of the money tree is in Africa – so you should put it in a sunny and bright place. A south-facing window sill is ideal, especially in summer. Blazing sun the succulent does not tolerate so well, so you should protect it from it with a curtain. In winter it is best to place the money tree in a cool but bright place where it is safe from dry heating air.
  • The right floor: As a planting substrate, it is best to choose well-drained soil especially for cacti. A mixture of potting soil, sand and gravel is also suitable. It is important that the soil is nice and loose and relatively low in nutrients so that the money tree feels comfortable.

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The right care for the money tree

When caring for the money tree, you should note that it requires very little water. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / sandid)

Maintaining the money tree won’t do you much work.

  • To water: As a succulent plant, the money tree requires very little water. The root ball should always be slightly damp. The best way to do this is to water only when the top layer of earth is completely dry. Always use something that is slightly stale tap water. After watering, check immediately if there is any excess water in the pot and pour it out to avoid waterlogging. In winter, you should generally water the money tree less than in summer.
  • Fertilize: Especially in the first few weeks you can do something with the young money tree fertilizer support. The best thing to do is to buy special cactus fertilizer, which you can use either in liquid form or in the form of sticks. The adult plant then hardly needs any additional nutrients. In the main growth phase (March to October) it is sufficient if you fertilize the money tree once a month. In winter, the succulent plant no longer needs any fertilizer.
  • To cut: As a rule, you do not need to cut the money tree. But if you want your plant to branch more, you can cut the tree a little in spring. It’s best not to use secateurs for this, but a sharp knife.
  • repotting: You should repot the young money tree every two to three years, since it grows very quickly in the beginning and its roots need space. Older plants only need to be converted into new substrates every five years. It is best to repot the money tree in spring or summer, winter is less suitable for this. Make sure that the new pot is as stable as possible: succulents can quickly become top-heavy due to their rapid growth.

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So you can multiply your money tree

You can multiply the money tree by cutting head or leaf cuttings. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / TGH)

There are several ways to increase your money tree.

  • Kopfstecklinge: For head cuttings, you simply cut a few 10 cm long shoots from your money tree in spring. Then remove the leaves below and let the cut dry for two to three days. In the growing pots, mix some cactus soil with gravel before you put the cuttings stuck in the earth. You then place the pot in a warm and bright place that is protected from the blazing sun. The roots often only need a few weeks to fully develop. Then continue to maintain the money tree branch as normal.
  • Leaf cuttings: If you would rather propagate your money tree with leaf cuttings, you only need a few leaves. Cut them off with the sharpest knife possible to avoid crushing the plant. The more thoroughly you have washed the knife before, the better, because this will prevent germs from getting into the cut. Then let the cuts dry for about a day. You then put the leaves in the slightly damp cactus soil of your growing pots and place them in a warm place.

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