Garden wedding – the right dress, decoration and other ideas

Garden wedding - the right dress, decoration and other ideas

Many couples dream of a garden wedding. From wedding dress to decoration: We have put together the most important tips for your sustainable wedding ceremony in the country.

Garden wedding: a sustainable dress

You can acquire your outfit for your garden wedding fairly and sustainably. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / pashminu)

A wedding celebration in the green under a blue sky is a dream for many couples. A colorful floral backdrop completes the romantic mood. Friends and relatives are invited to celebrate the marriage covenant.

You can consciously make this experience sustainable – starting with bridal fashion. We have put together tips and tricks for brides to buy their dream dress:


Eat daisies – what you should consider

Eat daisies - what you should consider

Eating daisies – is that possible? Sure, of course! Because they are not only pretty, but also very healthy. Here you can find out what you should consider when eating and collecting.

Daisies are edible. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pezibear)

From April, the small flowers of the daisies can be seen on many meadows, on the edges of fields and on the side of the path. In warm weather, daisies can bloom into November, but it’s best to collect them in April or May, when the flowers are young and particularly tasty.


Bake for easter – with this pastry it will be festive

Baking for Easter is not difficult because you can even get really creative. Whether Easter lamb or sponge cake – many different baked goods go with the festival.

Baking for Easter: options for every taste

At Easter, a few delicious cakes and baked goods should not be missing. Of course you can buy a lot in the supermarket or at the bakery – but you can also prepare most of it yourself according to your taste. So you know exactly what is in your food and also avoid unnecessary plastic packaging.

Below you will find various recipes for every taste – including vegan, gluten-free and low-carb versions.


For smartphones – student discovers self-healing glass

For smartphones - student discovers self-healing glass

Is the end of scratched and smashed smartphone screens? Scientists from Japan have developed a new type of glass that can heal its scratches and cracks again. The discovery is due to a happy coincidence.

Countless smartphones are thrown away every year because the screen is completely scratched or broken. A repair would often be so expensive that many would rather buy a new device straight away.

That could change soon – thanks to an invention by Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo. The scientists have developed a self-healing glass that consists of a light polymer called “polyether thioureas”. Polymers are chemical substances that consist of chain molecules or branched molecules.


Five book tips on plastic, upcycling and circular economy

Five book tips on plastic, upcycling and circular economy

Throw away less, repair more, reuse and recycle – these are the keys to more environmental protection and less waste. The following books provide an insight into the topic and many practical tips for doing it yourself.

Products have to become more resource efficient and durable. The more waste like plastic is recycled as a raw material, the better. More than ever, the following applies: pollutants have no place in products and waste. Upcycling and the circular economy in particular are creating new things from materials that would actually end up in the trash. This helps to save resources and increases our awareness of waste.


Five book tips for more animal welfare and less meat consumption

Five book tips for more animal welfare and less meat consumption

Factory farming, eating habits and vegetarian nutrition – these books uncover the grievances of the meat industry and encourage a more conscious handling of our food.

Unworthy factory farming, rotten meat, overbreeding and excessive use of medicines and chemicals – new scandals in the food industry are constantly being uncovered. The outrage is usually great. But in order to change something about it, it is important to also deal with the topic and get information. These books recommended by Ecobookstore deal with meat consumption, meat waiver and the conditions in German agriculture:


Five book tips for your sustainable vacation reading

Five book tips for your sustainable vacation reading

Whether on vacation or without: Everyone wants to read something exciting and interesting at the same time. Utopia gives five book tips to help you become smarter.

Slow Food Enjoyment Guide Germany 2015 (oekom Verlag) (Cover: oekom Verlag)

Slow food pleasure guide
Germany 2015

Because slow food propagates enjoyment, the movement finds less of an echo in the sustainability scene than it might have deserved – certainly also because people tend to preach renunciation there. "Slow Food" does not simply stand for "upscale, expensive restaurants", but for deliberately high-quality, regional food that expressly does not want to be fast food. The “Slow Food Gourmet Guide Germany 2015” discusses wine bars and small breweries as well as Fischerkaten and taverns – what they have in common is that they rely on simple but good and regional food. The current issue presents over 400 restaurants in Germany’s federal states on one page and also provides useful information such as address and opening hours. Some aspects of the guide are certainly in need of improvement, such as that vegetarian and vegan, but also organic kitchens are neglected and the individual guide is not particularly critical.


Five book tips for a good start to the new year

Five book tips for a good start to the new year

Environmental and climate protection, animal welfare and vegan nutrition – these book tips show you how you can make the world a little bit better with small changes.

Who hasn’t planned too much again for the new year? Above all, less is more here. Because: From a scientific point of view, it makes more sense to only make a few resolutions. The less you plan, the higher the chance that the implementation will work.

Small things that you change in your everyday life often have a big impact. These "World Improver" books recommended by Ecobookstore provide tips and suggestions for quick and easy implementation:


Football world cup 2018 – 11 tips for sustainable football television

Football world cup 2018 - 11 tips for sustainable football television

From June 14 to July 15, 2018, 32 teams will fight for the world championship title at the 2018 World Cup in twelve different stadiums across Russia. Millions will watch – and if we do it more sustainably, that’s okay.

A proper football evening includes a large screen, nibbles, snacks and beer – our tips tell you how this works sustainably without having to do without anything.

Do not watch the 1st World Cup 2018 in Russia

As the reigning world champion, Germany is one of the favorites and football fans will definitely want to watch all the games. But travel to Russia for that?


Make your own bathroom – 3 recipes with natural ingredients

Make your own bathroom - 3 recipes with natural ingredients

Making a foot bath with natural ingredients is not difficult at all. We show you how you can take care of your feet with natural means such as baking soda, apple cider vinegar and sea salt.

Treat your feet to an extra dose of care

Did you know that we walk around the world about four times on foot? Reason enough to sometimes give our feet a break and pay special attention to them. You can safely do without conventional care products from the drugstore. For healthy and well-groomed feet there are effective and beneficial home remedies.

Make your own foot bath with baking soda

Soda nourishes and softens the skin
(Photo: Eva Nitsch / Utopia)