Saving money in everyday life – 7 sustainable tips

Saving money in everyday life - 7 sustainable tips

Saving money and still living sustainably? You can do this surprisingly easily in everyday life! You just need to know how: Here are 7 specific tips on how to relieve your wallet and at the same time do something for the environment and the climate.

Living more sustainably and saving money in the process – that doesn’t contradict each other? The cheapest alternatives are not often the most harmful to the environment – as is the case with low-quality plastic items that cost little but pollute the environment with toxins and waste?


Saving money in everyday life – 10 tips that also protect the environment

Saving money in everyday life - 10 tips that also protect the environment

Sustainability, environmental protection and conscious consumption – that often sounds like a lot of effort, loss of time and inconvenience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With these ten simple tips everyone can make their everyday life a little greener and save money.

1. Save money on drinking: the bottle is always with you

We also want to have a sip of water or a waking coffee on the way. Pack yourself a refillable bottle or a thermo mug that you can fill with tap water or coffee on the go. This little extra grip on your own bottle requires a little rethinking, but as with many things, routine will quickly set in there and you will no longer go out of the house without a bottle or mug.


Gas heating – these are the costs and advantages

Gas heating - these are the costs and advantages

Gas heaters are very efficient today and can be combined with renewable energies. We show different variants, costs and subsidies for gas heating.

Gas heaters: variants at a glance

Gas heating generates heat by burning gas Heat and for warm water. The heating systems have developed significantly over the past few decades and are very efficient: a new gas heater can be up to 40 percent more economical than an old model. This is mainly due to the high efficiencies of 95 to 98 percent. Almost all of the energy stored in the gas can be used for heating here. The following gas heaters are available:


Garden sponsors – this is where garden owners and co-gardeners come together

Garden sponsors - this is where garden owners and co-gardeners come together

Some have a garden, but not enough time for it. The others would like to garden, but do not have their own garden. The garden sponsors platform now brings the two together.

Many city dwellers without a balcony would like to be able to dig through the ground more often, see plants growing and harvest vegetables themselves. But as nice as it is to have your own garden: working with it can quickly grow over your head. The solution is actually obvious: sharing the garden, sharing work.

The Gartenpaten platform wants to connect “people with and without a garden”. Here you can quickly and easily place an ad in the categories "I am looking for" or "I am sharing". With the help of a map, you can search for current advertisements in your own location. With a bit of luck, the garden and gardener can find each other. So far, the number of ads is still manageable – but the idea is so good that it will certainly grow quickly.


Garden beetles – so you get rid of the pest

Garden beetles - so you get rid of the pest

Garden beetles, also called June beetles, look like cockchafer, but are pests. You can get rid of them by preventing, setting up traps or using natural predators.

The garden beetle: a pest

You may know the garden leaf beetle (Phyllopertha horticola) under the name Junikäfer. It looks very similar to the cockchafer and is sometimes called the little rose beetle. The body of the garden beetle is flatter than the cockchafer. The beetles fly between late May and late June. Then the cycle starts all over again and the females lay their eggs so that new larvae can hatch in July.


Garden wedding – the right dress, decoration and other ideas

Garden wedding - the right dress, decoration and other ideas

Many couples dream of a garden wedding. From wedding dress to decoration: We have put together the most important tips for your sustainable wedding ceremony in the country.

Garden wedding: a sustainable dress

You can acquire your outfit for your garden wedding fairly and sustainably. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / pashminu)

A wedding celebration in the green under a blue sky is a dream for many couples. A colorful floral backdrop completes the romantic mood. Friends and relatives are invited to celebrate the marriage covenant.

You can consciously make this experience sustainable – starting with bridal fashion. We have put together tips and tricks for brides to buy their dream dress:


Garden design close to nature – 10 tips

Garden design close to nature - 10 tips

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1. Plant wild flowers

A little variety is good for the garden and the environment: wildflowers not only look romantic, they also offer bees, Bumblebees and other insect food.

Special bee forage plants (e.g. bee friend), but you can also plant umbelliferous plants such as dill or wild carrot in the wild perennial bed. For the idyllic natural garden are suitable Varieties with a wild character like bluebells, the cockard flower, columbine, foxglove and mallow.

Popular Wild herbs are blue pillows, goose cress, sage, rosemary and thyme.


Winter garden – a checklist

Winter garden - a checklist

We will explain step by step how to make your garden winter-proof in our checklist. So you can enjoy healthy plants again next year.

1. Make the garden winter-proof: rake leaves and fertilize

Autumn leaves in the garden
(Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay / user: 445693)

Falling leaves are a clear sign that autumn is here. To save yourself work, wait until after the first frost to rake the leaves. By then, most of the leaves have fallen. Rake your lawn thoroughly. This ensures that you have also removed moss and fallen leaves and that there are no bald spots in the grass.


Rent a garden – that’s how you lease an allotment garden

Rent a garden - that's how you lease an allotment garden

If you are longing for your own garden in the big city, you can rent a garden. We explain how to do it best and what you need to consider.

Renting a garden doesn’t have to be expensive

If you don’t have your own garden, you can simply rent a garden instead. This gives you space to make your own Growing vegetables and fruits or relax in the green. In addition, many allotment gardens are not too expensive and a good alternative to your own house with a garden. However, there are a few things you should consider when you lease. We explain the most important facts about renting a garden.


Washing curtains – instructions and tips

Washing curtains - instructions and tips

We’ll tell you how you can wash curtains without them becoming creased – so your curtains stay colorful and stain-free for a long time.

Curtains beautify every window. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / anaterate)

Curtains protect us from the sun and unpleasant looks. Over time, the fabrics also collect dust, pollen and other dirt that comes through the window. That’s why they need a wash now and then – every few months is completely sufficient. If you follow a few tips, the fabrics in the washing machine will quickly become clean again without crumpling.